Each year with the new upcoming class of high school seniors, Jan Gratz Photography (JGP) offers an exclusive senior team program for seniors who are interested in having a unique and fun experience to remember their senior year. Not only do senior team members have the most incredible senior portraits that are customized for them based on their unique interests, sports or hobbies, but they gain new friendships through the program, participate in unique themed concept shoots, participate in community service projects, and most importantly at the heart of JGP, is for the senior team to gain confidence and see their beautiful self as they graduate and move onto their next journey into college or otherwise.Every year of senior team members is unique and every year new ideas and experiences are created.


Being a member of the JGP senior team means that you will become the face of JGP and help spread your experiences with the studio by posting the images you can't live without and behind the scenes candids on social media and sharing with friends.  You will be the face of JGP appearing in studio marketing materials, the studio website, the studio window displays, as well as the opportunity to be featured in photo competitions and national publications. 


It is about having fun, being adventurous, trying new things and capturing a no fear policy which we have here at JGP. We are always designing and creating new ideas for our portraiture and we love to hear what our clients envision. 


Please contact JGP via email at jan@jangratzphotography.com if you would like to learn more about the program and if you would like to speak with a prior senior team member. 


Since the senior team is a reflection of JGP, each applicant's social media is reviewed and candidates are selected based on their character, their enthusiasm, social presence and involvement in school and community activities.  The senior members are not selected based on being the prettiest or the most popular.  JGP wants genuine people we admire and who lift us up to be better at what we do and vice versa.  We love energetic and caring souls who want to have a positive impact in this world and have an inner motivation to succeed at whatever they do in life. 


Full program details will be shared with the selected applicants and their parents.   

Emily Sorrells, South River High School

I’m so amazed at how beautiful I felt all the time. There was not a day with Jan that wasn’t filled with laughs and smiles. It was awesome having a photographer who taught us so much more than how to smile for a picture. She taught us endless lessons about going where life takes you and having no fear about going for what you want. I’m never leaving as a spokesmodel! I’ll be a Jan Gratz supersenior!

Caroline Kerr, South River High School

I would HIGHLY recommend being a spokesmodel to future seniors. The experience made me feel better about who I am on the outside and inside. Jan truly cares about all her seniors and supports us in all we do. She makes it out to our games and performances and is the first one to congratulate us on a great job done! All the seniors never want to leave (hence forever seniors). She truly cares about you and what you do far beyond the studio.

Samantha Thompson, South River High School

Working with Jan provided me with a new sense of confidence in not only my appearance, but also in the interactions with others. The concept shoots gave me confidence by having me interact with girls I've never considered friends before, but now I couldn't imagine life without them. I have really enjoyed the friendship created in working with Jan. I truly felt the love that she feels for the work she is doing and the excitement she shares in helping to create memories that will be part of me forever.

Catherine Nester, South River High School

Getting my portraits done was such a confidence boost. Having cancer throughout most of my high school career had taken its toll on my appearance, but Jan captured me in a way where even I could see my own beauty. I would be a spokesmodel a thousand times over. I don’t want it to end! This is an experience you can’t get anywhere else. Jan made me feel so special, and I got to meet an awesome group of friends. I couldn’t think of a better way to capture my senior year. I will always remember this. Everyone loves my senior portraits!