Annapolis is a very quaint town next to the Chesapeake Bay that is endless with photo opportunities as you walk through out town with its quaint homes and alley ways, and it is the sailing capital of the United States, the state capital of Maryland, and home of the U.S. Naval Academy and St. John’s College. And the waterfront locations on the Chesapeake Bay region for a gorgeous sunset photo for your home are some of the most beautiful in the world. And that is just Annapolis! If you go outside of the Annapolis area, there is the beautiful countryside with parks, old tobacco barns, open fields and incredible vegetation and trees which create a beautiful spring and fall season of colors. We can also travel to your home to photograph you or other locations that are special to you… places where memories abound for you and your family. Last is the in studio session for those who love the timeless look of black and white portraits, and we do not have to battle with the weather elements here in Maryland that can change from one hour to the next between a beautiful sunny day to a fast moving thunderstorm. We love to sit with you at your planning session to find out where that special location will be for your family portraits.